The Bridge
to Prosperity™

Helping healthcare employers retain and upskill their employees

Core Education Foundation and its Bridge to Prosperity™ program is a valuable resource for the healthcare sector. In an era of a critical skilled workforce shortage, our mission is to remove financial obstacles that prevent healthcare employees from advancing their careers. This helps the employee with career advancement and allows healthcare organizations to improve their retention rates. 

Increased Employee Engagement and Loyalty

Providing advanced funding for education through the Bridge to Prosperity program will allow more employees to participate in professional growth. This can lead to higher levels of employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, reducing turnover and fostering a more committed workforce. 

Time to Market Implementation

By working directly with the Bridge to Prosperity program, employers can more quickly offer support for non-degree programs. This rapid deployment can be crucial in addressing immediate skills gaps and taking advantage of emerging opportunities in the market. 

Immediate Funding for Employees

The Bridge to Prosperity has the flexibility in funding educational initiatives, allowing for a more tailored approach to employee development. This can enable employers to support a wider variety of educational programs that are directly aligned with the skills and competencies needed in their workforce, freeing the employer from the complexities of policy adjustments and program management within their existing TAP system.

Real Impact, Real Numbers

Over the past 18 months, 2,000 healthcare workers employees have advanced through our programs. Our goal is to support 4,000 workers in the coming year. 

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